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Presentations & Posters

Media Summary
BC Studies, May 4-6, 2017 VIU (Nanaimo)

The poster covers BCDL history, timelines, guiding principles and technical infrastructure.

Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 29-23, 2017, Toronto

A showcase for the cloud-based docker instance of Supplejack. Poster includes the process for harvesting and ingesting metadata from both the BC and the Ontario jurisdictions in a variety of schemas and formats, from IRs at GLAM institutions and even places like YouTube.  Three separate Ember.js front ends: one for ON, one for BC, and one that does both, and scoped user permisions for the harvesting interface by region included. Coupled with the architecture this allows for the implementation of a shared supplejack instance, either on a large scale (i.e. cross provincial) or a smaller scale (shared hub instances in a single province).

BC Library Conference Presentation, April 21, 2017

A presentation by Steering Committee members on the value of digital collections was accompanied by a demo of the BCDL. An update on the National Heritage Digitization Strategy was delivered from their Steering Committee Chair, Sandra Singh.